Communication Training

Building effective teams requires more than simply putting smart people together to accomplish a task. Most team success factors stem from effective emotional skills such as self control, empathy, leadership, and communication skills. Our training focuses on the most important aspects of team dynamics, the ability to communicate and collaborate as a cohesive unit.


We understand the need for teams to remain productive and dedicated to the task at hand. The Communication Training program maximizes impact and minimizes invasiveness to team schedules. Each team member is asked to contribute 1 hour of pre-work. This includes their individual assessment and any Team360 assessments. Formal classroom training and one-on-one consultation is scheduled for 2 days. Team members are asked to invest 6 hours of time over those 2 days.


Helping Management

  • increase empathy and sensitivity
  • increase their value to the organization
  • increase their likability by their teams


Helping the Individual

  • promote greater leadership skills
  • improve communication
  • become more positive about work
  • increase job satisfaction
  • reduce anxiety


Helping the Team

  • experiencing faster cohesion
  • become more engaged
  • form better relationships in and around the team
  • receive more social support from their counterparts
  • perform better in a shorter timeframe