Vinuity focuses on helping individuals and teams work better together by training and reinforcing leadership qualities, collaboration methods, empathy, and effective communication. Having smart, high IQ, teams aren’t enough to assume success; Vinuity baselines, trains, reinforces and provides ongoing support on areas which differentiate your team members to achieve greatness.

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Interview and Baseline

We interview team members with a minimally invasive process. We understand the importance of your team’s time and take a streamlined approach to understanding the current team. We perform a Team360 data collection with two peers and 1 supervisor creating a holistic view on each team member.

Asses and Train

We assess the self and peer feedback and review team dynamics before implementing a training program. We transition to classroom training for the collective team. This process creates a lexicon of team communication and allows team members and management to understand the roots of effective communication, self-control, social awareness, and relationship management.

Refine and Reinforce

We provide a review with the team and management to refine the process and improve where necessary. As in any good process, we allow room for a continuous improvement cycle by reviewing with team members. We also understand that teams change. We allow for these changing team dynamics by supporting new team members with an efficient process to help them understand the current team communication structure and quickly assimilate.