ForceX Process

ForceX, or Force Multiplier Process, is the methodology used by Vinuity to work with clients in creating high performance teams. The process spans 3 areas: configure, control, and communication. Each work independently and when integrated, create a powerful strategy to help clients achieve delivery excellence.


We look at assumptions made by organizations regarding processes and tools. We share knowledge on how teams can organize, implement right-size processes, and utilize tools to work better in supporting the organization and lift unnecessary constraints.


We focus on running programs, projects, and help with professional services such Consulting and Training. We support clients with certified Project Management Professionals (PMP), provide Business Analyst’s, provide structured and customized training in Team Communication, Distributed Team Efficiency, and Agile processes.

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We focus on helping individuals and teams work better together by training and reinforcing leadership qualities, collaboration methods, empathy, and effective communication. Having smart, high IQ, teams is not enough to assume success; Vinuity baselines, trains, reinforces and provides ongoing support on areas which differentiate your team members to achieve greatness.