Scaled Agile Consulting


Vinuity works with organizations to help drive agility and produce increased value to stakeholders. Our consulting work supports our clients at the Porfolio Management level, at the Program Management level, and at the Team level. Our consulting services work with your organization in a thought leadership, staff augmentation, or training model. Clients benefits from our ForceX, or Performance Multiplier Process, which focuses on improving methodologies, controls, and team communication. Our consulting practice is organized into helping:


Agile Portfolio Management:

agile_portfolio_mgtEpic and portfolio backlogs, value management, capacity management, financial management, portfolio performance, metrics, tools and process.


Thought Leadership:

We look at assumptions made by organizations regarding current processes and tools. We share knowledge on best practices and show how teams can better organize, implement right-size processes, and utilize tools to lift unnecessary constraints. We assess, baseline, train, and reinforce best practices to create high performing teams. Our ForceX, or Performance Multiplier Process, enables clients to build high performing teams.


Agile Program Management

agile_program_mgtFeatures management, team dynamics, agile release trains (ART), program backlog, roadmap, vision, metrics and analytics.


Staff Augmentation:

We focus on bringing talent into teams to help with programs, projects, and professional services. We support clients with certified Project Management Professionals (PMP’s), provide Business Analyst’s, provide SCRUM Master consulting, and support general technology team staffing needs such as software development, quality assurance, and database administration.


Agile Team Performance

agile_team_performanceCoach, train and reinforce ScrumMaster, Product Owner, Product Manager, and team. Leadership, effective communication, and team performance.



We focus on helping individuals and teams work better together by training and reinforcing leadership qualities, collaboration methods, empathy, and effective communication. Having smart, high IQ, teams aren’t enough to assume success; Vinuity baselines, trains, reinforces and provides ongoing support on areas which differentiate your team members to achieve greatness. Vinuity also provides training on Agile processes to better improve team productivity in delivering quality software.