Rescuing a project


A large non-profit organization that provides services to support individuals with disabilities had nearly spent all allocated project budget to build a custom resource planning and management system. Very little of the promised solution had been developed.


Rescue the business critical resource planning project and salvage as much of the solution as possible with the remaining funds.


An experienced Project Manager was asked to assess the situation, provide guidance and recommendations to correct the problems and repair the relationship.  The Project Manager took a 3 step approach to assist the client. First, time was needed to assess the situation. The Project Manager interviewed management and technical team members to better understand the current situation and expected outcomes. Not uncommon to fast moving efforts, project documentation was lacking and efforts to assimilate the needed documents were implemented. Second, after interviews with team members and management, the Project Manager proposed a solution to better organize teams, reuse existing components, and take advantage of the work already accomplished.  The Project Manager reviewed available project communication strategies, then working together with client management and the technical project team, brought together everyone in facilitated joint discussions to agree in delivering a realistic solution. Lastly, the Project Manager took control of the team, implemented scope management and communications reporting, to deliver the revised solution.


The end result was a business solution that satisfied the organizational business needs. And, the resource planning and management system can be leveraged for future enhancements and expansion.