Quality Assurance Outsourcing


The client’s Quality Assurance (QA) organization was siloed and product teams were struggling to utilize the QA resources.


Two common models for establishing a Quality Assurance delivery organization is either centralized or embedded teams. Centralized teams have the advantage of creating a ‘center of excellence’ culture which supports the QA resources in their career growth and works to mature the orgnaizations competency. Embedded QA teams place resources within the development team. In this embedded model, QA and development staff are part of one team, certainly closer to the development staff and perhaps closer to the customer, which creates product synergy, improved communication and increased trust. The clients centralized QA model created a trust gap with the developers and management, thus making it impossible to build high performing teams.


A QA Outsourcing solution was put in place to meet the client needs which embedded QA activities into Agile teams. Careful attention was made to align QA resources to build the most effective team possible. Individual team member characteristics such as communication skills, empathy, leadership abilities, situation awareness, and focus were taken into account. The new Agile teams were self-empowerd and embraced a combined development and quality assurance culture as part of their core competency.


The newly structured outsourced teams worked in concert together without viewing QA as a ‘wall’ over which final development was thrown. The teams transitioned to high performing teams that now take ownership for quality metrics and client satisfaction. As a result, the business owners have more trust in the QA function and contentious relationships have been eliminated.