Is converting to Agile the ‘Silver Bullet’ to your project success?

Numerous project teams and practitioners perceive the Agile process to be the ‘Silver Bullet’ for project success. According to the 2013 Standish Chaos Manifesto report ”The agile process is now perceived as the universal remedy for software development project failure”. However in a comparison of ‘small projects the report also shows that only 46% of Agile projects are considered successful vs. 49% of Waterfall projects. Wait! What?

For the 2013 report the overall theme of the report is that smaller projects are more successful than larger projects and that the “size of a project trumps methodology”. There you have it. The Silver Bullet is not about the methodology used by a team but the magnitude of the effort considered as a “project”.

Consider that if you decompose a large project into smaller projects you have just as much chance of success as if you implement Agile practices. So why else would you convert to Agile? Lets look at a couple of the other positives of an overall Agile development philosophy.

  • Sense of involvement: This is likely the most driving reason behind Agile. Individual team members are involved in the organization’s purpose of the project and they have a say in what tasks they do and what it will cost.
  • Opportunity for nipping scope issues in the bud: Product owners routinely get to see demo’s of the functionality as it comes together and they have an opportunity to stop the project at any point if they don’t like the direction the project is going.
  • Usable functionality throughout the release cycle: With a goal of releasable functionality at the end of each iteration, regardless of when the project is stopped there will be functionality available to the end user.

Regardless of the direction you want to go with your development practices, Vinuity’s certified Project Management and Agile staff can help make your projects more predictable and successful.