Estimating and building the right size project team


A mid-size technology firm needed more accurate ways to forecast project overhead and improve delivery consistency.


Many organizations setup project management tasks based on pre-defined policies or organizational structures. Few organizations take into account a variable model to predictably define the correct amount of effort that is actually needed for delivering success, reducing risk, and controlling costs. Work started with the client Practice Lead, responsible for the packaged products business unit, to find a predictable way to plan for project management resources.


A Program Manager, experienced in leading projects which span in complexity and size, was engaged to work with the client. The Project Manager first assessed how project management competencies were organized at the client. Finding that the skills were distributed provided a better understanding on how to best utilize resources without increasing costs. Using the ForceX Configure model, the client was able to better understand how to take into account project timelines, complexity, pace, and technology constraints. Outputs from the process were specific recommendations on how to consistently allocate the appropriate amount of project management time per task.


The client is now able to establish a baseline effort for project management assigned to each project. Further work with the client on predictive modeling, using the ForceX Configure approach, will allow the client to increase their confidence and predictability beyond project management allocations into configuring tools and methodologies used to support their clients.