Challenges of distributed teams

In today’s world, globalization is not only a reality but a necessary concept that organizations must embrace in order to survive in a competitive IT market. Rare, if not extinct, are the days when the entire IT project occurred in the same room, same building, same state, or even in the same country. With the realities of such a distributed environment, factors must be considered when calculating the total cost in terms of money, schedule, risk and complexity. In addition, with the popularity of the agile methodology, the challenges of a distributed team are multiplied. Imagine if you will, an index to calculate the components of the challenges facing a distributed team Рconsider the CAPPI (Communication, Access, Product delivery, Personalities, Information) Index. Developed by the Vinuity Consulting Direction, Dr. Chang, this tool is a set of questions designed to take each component into consideration and produce an index that will reflect the complexity and risk of a project in a distributed environment. To learn more about the CAPPI and how to improve delivery in your organization, send us an email: