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Cybersecurity Risk Management … inside out.

While associates, friends, and family can be the greatest assets for a small to medium size business, they are also the greatest risk. The lull of having a family atmosphere with minimal policy and procedures that promotes an agile culture and speeds decision making is enticing. However, using any sort of web presence for advertising […]

Taking the Mystery Out of Methodology

The choice of methodology is an important one but it doesn’t have to be the most difficult decision you make during your project journey.  It is essential to remember:  methodology has never delivered one piece of software, configured a single database, or written a single report.  Methodology is a tool and like any tool, poor […]

Challenges of distributed teams

In today’s world, globalization is not only a reality but a necessary concept that organizations must embrace in order to survive in a competitive IT market. Rare, if not extinct, are the days when the entire IT project occurred in the same room, same building, same state, or even in the same country. With the […]

Dr. Lance Chang’s Dissertation Work

Vinuity Consulting Director, Dr. Lance Chang, shares his research examining the impact of emotional intelligence and agility on job satisfaction in the IT industry.  The study investigated the interaction between emotional intelligence and job satisfaction, and the interaction between agility and job satisfaction.  The research then analyzed the interaction effect of these two independent variables on job […]

Building high performing teams is easy…. right?

Building great teams sound easy. We find some very smart people, with some varying technical abilities, and put them together to form team and enable them to solve problems.  All the team members have a technical degree and background, all have high IQ’s, and impressive resumes highlighting their accomplishment and achievements.  This highly technical and intellectual team […]