Business Intelligence Outsourcing


The client’s IT costs are increasing to support the legacy platform and demands are escalating for more diversified staff skills sets.


Most organizations struggle with maintaining legacy architectures and retaining technology resources to support these platforms. Supporting these legacy technologies is essential to the business but often doesn’t align with future architecture and the strategic technology direction of the client. The defined goal was to establish a managed services relationship with the client which stabilizes the IT organizations cost and allows for a flexible staffing model which supports peak work loads.


An Outsourcing solution was put in place to meet the client needs. As part of this new partnership, close coordination was taken to work with the client’s HR department. In doing so, the client transitioned Business Intelligence (BI) development and maintenance resources which supported the data warehouse team, report developers, and quality assurance efforts. The client resources were augmented with additional talent with backgrounds in Oracle, Java, Informatica, and Actuate.


The new outsourced teams worked in concert together without contraints of the historically siloed BI business unit. Benefits from this included the ability to quickly add resources to assist with new priorities, support, and enhancements. Formerly, down time was fill by ‘busy work’ created by the client. In the new organization, work gaps were filled which removed this cost from the client.