Agile Software Development Outsourcing


Our client risked losing a key global customer. The customer was looking at other vendors to provide a Rewards Travel System because our client did not possess this functionality and was unable to build and implement a solution in a timely fashion.


The current client team lacked the expertise to manage and implement this initiative. Leadership dictated the project timeframe before all technical requirements were known. The client team lacked technical experience partnering with various vendors and building new programming interfaces. Additional struggles included client team member frustration and turnover, which robbed the team of legacy domain knowledge. Our client’s leadership understood that the IT organization needed a different approach to solving this initiative. The approach must support quick changes to features and requirements.


A new and innovativeapproach was needed to solve this challenge. The changing requirements and speed of delivery demanded a process to support agility. The increased technical complexity called for two senior software engineers and two quality assurance analysts to anchor the team with senior talent. Our Consulting Director provided an Agile Bootcamp to educate the business and technical team members on using SCRUM to create a self-empowered team. This allowed the delivery team and the business leadership to set realistic expectations on features and time to deliver. The team demonstrated to the business leadership the progress made and the flexibility needed to continue implementing new functionality. The team adapted to new programming patterns quickly, created interfaces with various travel domain systems, and incrementally added features to help gain their customer confidence.


Our client was able to retain their key global customer and deliver a stable product within the required timeline. In addition, our client was able to scale the product to support additional customers needing a travel reward program.