Job Satisfaction in the IT Industry

To My Fellow IT Professionals,

My name is Paul Lance Chang, and I am a doctoral student at Webster University and the Consulting Director at Vinuity.  I am in the final stages of my dissertation and I need your help.  I would love to have you participate in a research study on how emotional intelligence and agile methodology affect job satisfaction in the IT industry.  The survey will be conducted through the link below which is a 24-item questionnaire, taking approximately 5 minutes to complete.  Your responses and participation will remain confidential and is completely voluntary.

I have been working in the IT field for over two decades as a developer, architect, project/program manager and consulting director; and, my goal is to analyze and facilitate the relationships between technology, people and process.

In return for your participation, I will gladly share my research results with you.  Please send your email address to if you would like to receive a copy of the results.  Finally, please help me further my research by forwarding this link ( ) to any IT professionals you may know, with an encouragement to complete the survey.  Thank you.

Follow the link below. For best results, please do not use a mobile device for the survey.


Paul Lance Chang